About Our Brand

My goal was always to launch XXI when all three of my kids were school-aged and I had a minute to myself. I never envisioned launching with two elementary aged kids virtually learning at home and a three year old attached to my hip – but 2020 threw a wrench in most people’s plans. My kids know that being a mom will always come first in my life, but thankfully, my family has been so supportive of this new chapter in my life.

I wish I could tell my younger self to start early with a skincare regimen, but unfortunately, time travel doesn’t exist…yet! In my younger days, I never really bothered with face serums or creams – not considering what “future me” would need. Now, approaching my 40’s and like so many women, I have been after the perfect combination of skincare products to give me that just-from-the-spa look every day. I would find a good eye cream but then have a difficult time pairing it with the perfect serum. Or a great moisturizer but not one that would help me stop and prevent imperfections.  And all throughout this process, I became increasingly aware of the ingredients used in the products I experimented with…only to realize I didn’t want to put most of them on my skin! Finally, after decades on this road, I had enough – and I knew I was not alone. XXI was born.

“What’s ‘XXI’?”, you ask. Pronounced ‘ex ex eye’ (but I admit to calling it '21’, too), the name comes from historical experiments claiming the human soul weighs 21 grams. And what’s better for the soul than natural and organic skincare products that make you look and feel amazing every day?  

After years of researching and experimenting, I am so proud to introduce XXI's full line of natural, organic and effective skincare products. I can’t wait for you to try them and discover the many benefits that nature’s restorative ingredients provide while feeling great about what you’re putting on your skin. I hope you’ll love the XXI family of products as much as I do!